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Landscape Photography Vlog - With no front teeth! 😱

In this video I ski into the White River National Forest during a snowstorm in search of Landscape Photographs. I discuss how i am starting this vlog with no front teeth, after they were knockout in an accident. and it has been a long road to getting my implants. I also discuss the Colorado Wildfires and show you some burn scars.

This was a challenging vlog to produce, letting everyone see me with no teeth! I feel there was no other way to start the Youtube channel then to just start it. Teeth or no teeth. The thing is I knock my teeth out over a year ago, but then needed a bone graph which took four months to heel. I recently got the implants put in and that takes another four months to heal, and my temporary tooth plate does fit in now that implant posts are in. LOL my kids love my tooth less smile, and don't want me to get them replaced.

Here are a few shots from the shoot.

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