Photo: Renee Freeman Gilbert

Walter Mather is a creative and artistic Cinematographer and Photographer based in beautiful Eagle Colorado.  Walter has worked as Director of Photography on many of today's top adventure-based reality TV shows for National Geographic, Netflix, The Paramount Network, History Channel, Discovery, and more. Walter has always been inspired by nature and the great outdoors and started his career as a photo editor with legendary nature photographer Tom Mangelsen.  

Walter is well rounded technically, filming on anything from an Arri Alexa to a GoPro. He sees the camera as only a tool, and his artistic vision and compositions are never compromised.   Walter is also fluent with Movi, Drones (FFA Pilot Part 107), and Motion Control Timelapse.

Walter loves to capture beautiful and intriguing images and has fun doing it. Often described by his co-workers as the guy with the endless smile.  Also, the last man standing.  Whether its an epic sunset followed by an awesome moonrise, he is there capturing it.  This Colorado guy has a solid work ethic.  

Walter has over 19 years of experience producing beautiful images and is well-traveled from Alaska to Europe to Africa.

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