• Walter Mather

I started a stock video business!

I decided to host and sell my own cinematic stock footage. I love shooting, and am constantly behind the camera. I work a Director of Photography for cable television shows which keeps me traveling about eight to nine months out of the year. I love it, but it is too much when you are part of family of six. This last winter I almost died while filming a popular reality show. I kissed the other side, but lived to tell the story. I am very thankful for this as it gave me an instant reality check. "You only circle this ball of dirt once" - Bryan Miller. So I am hoping this new venture will allow me more time to focus on me and my family. The site only has a handful of clips on now, but I am in the process of uploading the very large archive we host. Below is a marketing video to highlight the new wild horse clips I shot this spring which are available for immediate download at the new site www.matherstock.com.