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One Shot

Lake Clark, AK 2019

Close Encounter of the furry kind. My bear guide had set me up on a beautiful sedge meadow as the sun was starting to set. My plan was to take a beautiful landscape shot with a bear in it. All I needed was the bear. Then I hear the guide in a whisper "Walt...heads up to the right...stay calm, don't make any sudden movements, she just wants to come through. I froze as this beautiful brown bear walked straight at us. Then stopped at about 6 feet and looked right at me, almost like OK, I am here, the light is good, take my picture. I was completely caught off guard, and now almost crippled in the wonder at this magnificent beast. Finally I snapped out of it, struggle to find focus, then click. One photo, one spilt second caught in time, and she walked on by. The guide and myself both looked at each other with huge smiles, the encounter was so intense, peaceful, and beautiful all at the same time. The guide then asked me "did you get it"..."Did I get what?" I replied. "The photo" he says with a giggle. I look down at the screen, smiled, and said yeah I got one shot. Thank you Great Alaska Adventures

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